Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Athens

Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Athens
Spirou Loui - Velodrome (OAKA)

Dionisis Tsetselis is a disciple of Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu, the Chief Instructor of the Hellenic Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Athens and he holds the 5th Duan of the Chinese Wushu Association.
He began the study of Tai Chi Chuan in 1985, at 20 years of age. For the first 7 years he studied Yang style, while continuing for the next 14 years to train in a Wu-originating sub-style, working with both Greek and foreign teachers. In 2006, while already seeking for some time to follow an authentic family line, he came in contact with the Wu family, through Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu.
Immediately following the first workshops organized in Greece conducted by Sifu' s representative and disciple, sifu Dr. Chuang Shiou Huey, he recognized the depth and authenticity of knowledge of the Wu family's art and, he and his students, decided to follow Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu, a decision that was reinforced and cemented when he met and was taught by the Grand Master personally. The transition from his previous style, to the authentic Wu Family Tai Chi Chuan was relatively short, given the degree of syllabus and kinesiological similarities between the styles, his previous experience, as well as the concentrated effort applied studying for many hours solo and with his students for a year.
Since then, he had many times the opportunity to study under Sifu in Athens, London and Hong Kong and he feels deep appreciation and love for him. He worked a lot too, with the President of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation, Jonathan Krehm, during his many trips in Athens. His help was really precious for Dionisis and he feels that he owes to him so much that he will never be able to pay him back all the good that he did to him.
In the past, he has taught Tai Chi Chuan for many years in Greece, to various public elementary school pupils aged 6-12 and to adults, in numerous schools and gymnasiums, as well as in his own learning centre, that functioned from 1995 to 1999 under the name "Aeiroon", meaning "Forever Flowing" in the Greek language.
Since 1999 he has been heading the specialized publications house "Alkimachon" (meaning the quality that enables one to fight using internal power for ethical and just purposes), publishing martial arts’ and alternative medicine’s books, as well as two martial arts magazines: the monthly "Martial Arts’ Path" and the Greek publication of the famous and high quality American quarterly "Journal of Asian Martial Arts".
He believes Tai Chi Chuan to be a martial art possessing great depth and breadth, that can help all people improve their health and their everyday life and promote, through their practice in it, good relationships and mutual understanding between individuals of different cultural and social backgrounds. For these reasons, Tai Chi Chuan should not be taught in small, closed, elitist circles, hidden behind a veil of mystery, metaphysics and secretiveness or to be self-restricted in a "light" New Age perception, but to be freely available, in its correct and complete form, as a complete martial art, health and spiritual system, to all people interested.

I began my practice in Tai Chi Chuan in 2004, after visiting the school of my teacher, Mr. Dionisis Tsetselis, who at that time was teaching a Tai Chi style that was based in the style of the Wu Family.
Although I had never practiced in any martial art before, the moral and the quality of my teacher’s knowledge led me to the decision to concentrate in Tai Chi Chuan. From the very first lessons I realized that the philosophy and the way of Tai Chi practice were what I was looking for.
In 2006, our teacher contacted the Great Grand master Wu Kwong Yu and that was the beginning of the path that brought us closer to the roots of the Art. Through our contact with the Great Grand Master, we realized the depth and the quality of the Wu style tai Chi Chuan and decided to focus on that.
I would like to express my gratitude to my teacher, Mr. Dionisis Tsetselis, because his persistence and his love for Tai Chi made me also love this great Art and commit myself to it. I would also like to thank the Great Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu for his trust, after certifying me as a Wu style Tai Chi Chuan instructor and make a promise both to him and my teacher that I will do my best in order to fulfill their expectations.

PARIS VERRAS: Instructor
I always attracted to the idea of getting involved with Martial Arts but at the same time something kept me away from them. I don’t know the reason of it, being the Martial Arts themselves, the way of teaching them or the quality of the people who taught them. The point is that I had never seriously got involved with any Martial Art. Just had that thought kept in my mind, like I was waiting for something special.
It was in 2004, when a friend told me about a teacher who was teaching a martial art that was unusual and different from what I had seen till then. That Art was Tai Chi Chuan. From the first lesson I was impressed by the man and teacher, Mr. Dionisis Tsetselis and also by the Tai Chi style that he was teaching at that time, which was based on the style of the Wu Family.
Thankfully, not only for me but also for the rest of the team, my teacher’s love for the Art and his will for further improvement, led us right to the source of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan and specifically to the Great Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu.
After the first seminars with Grand Master’s representative, Sifu Chuang Shiou Huey and especially after our contact wit the Grand Master himself in the 2007/2008 seminars in London, we realized the depth and width of the authentic Tai Chi Chuan but also the value of learning the Art right from the source.
I would like to thank my teacher Mr. Dionisis Tsetselis who, besides the fact that he continues teaching me, made me love this great Art by sharing his passion for it. I also thank him because through him I met a really great person, the Great Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu, thus broadening my horizons in Tai Chi Chuan and in my life also. I owe a great dept of gratitude to the Grand Master for the knowledge he offers to my fellow students and me and also for his trust, certifying me as a Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan instructor

I graduated from the School of Architecture, of the National Technical University of Athens in 1995 and I am a Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan instructor, certified by the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation and the Wu Family, since February 2012.
I consider my apprenticeship in Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, which began in 2007 at the age of 37 years in the Hellenic Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy, a conscious choice for my postgraduate studies, which until then I postponed. I chose to study in this ingenious art with the seriousness and consistency required in the postgraduate studies, because not only it teaches but also it demonstrates that the efficient use of power is the product of precisely applying principles based on physics and, therefore, something accessible to everybody. At the same time, during my apprenticeship, I observed that I become more and more creative, efficient and resistant to the demands of everyday life.
I decided to become an instructor because I consider my duty to offer this valuable knowledge to other people.
Many thanks to my teacher, Chief Instructor of the Hellenic Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Dionysis Tsetselis and to the instructors Vasileios Tsiantis, Gregory Antikian and Paris Verras, for the generosity with which they offer me their Knowledge and their support.
I feel great admiration and gratitude for the source of this ingenious and outstanding martial art, for the Wu Family. Especially I would like to express my gratitude to Grand Master Wu Kwong Yu, for the confidence he shown in me by including me in the group of instructors of our system.
I would like also to thank a lot, the President of the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation, Jonathan Krehm for his valuable help.
The profound knowledge offered by Wu Tai Chi Chuan and the quality of life one achieves by practicing this outstanding martial art, motivates me to continue my effort.

Course Schedule: 

Located inside the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens (OAKA)




Beginners/ Intermediates: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 19:25 – 20.40

Intermediates/ Advanced: Wednesday: 20.50 – 22.00

Pushing hands / applications:  Monday and Thursday: 20.50 – 22.00