Introducing our first App of our Wu Style Products

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our first App of the Wu Style Tai Chi  'Gold Book' English Edition for your Ipad. On this App, rare video clips have been added to the book for your enjoyment.  Go to each Master's page to watch these clips.
This book is of great importance to all tai chi chuan  enthusiasts, whatever school or style they follow.  The two main texts, that are presented here are at the core of the traditions that emanated from the Imperial Guard after the fall of the  Ching  Dynasty in 1911.  The older of the two texts, "The Explanation of Tai Chi Methodology" was published in full in Chinese for the first time only in the 1980 edition of this book.  It was transcribed by my Great Great Grandfather founding Master Wu Chuan Yau, after he became a disciple of Yang Ban Hou at Prince Sweh Fang's Palace.  It has been in the Wu Family for over 150 years.  The second text was written by Master Wu Kung Cho in 1935 and amended in 1980. 

Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu. 
Hong Kong, November 21st 2011.

Please note that you can also buy a hard copy of this beautifully printed 'Gold Book' English or Chinese Edition through our Shopping cart in addition to your App for your Ipad.

This new App is now available in iTunes store and you can get your copy here at:  Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (Gold Book) English Edition or alternatively do a search for it in your local iTunes store under Category "Health and Fitness" and going to the letter "W" for "Wustyle". 

Other products will be available during the course of 2012 both for your Iphone and/or your Ipad.  Look for the announcements of the Wu Style Tai 108 Standard Form and Instructor's Manual.