Paul Ng

Paul Ng

Sifu Paul Ng has been practicing and studying martial arts for over forty years. The Confederation of Canada Wushu Organization has Sifu Paul Ng's Kung Fu standing at a Level 9 - Master Degree. He started learning the Hung-Gar (southern Style) in the late 1960's and in the early 1970's, went on to study My-Jong Law Horn (Northern Style). At that point in time, he became an instructor. In the 1980's, Sifu Paul Ng learned Wu Shu and was chosen to be the first Wu Shu team member (in 1985) to compete in China. Sifu Paul Ng and his students have participated in non-contact, semi-contact and full-contact kick boxing tournaments.

Sifu Paul Ng has learnt most of the internal styles of martial arts which include wrestling, Xing-Yi, Pa Gua, Yang Style, Chen Style and Wu Style Tai Chi. He is experienced in the higher levels of Chi Kung with various masters.

Sifu Paul Ng's various experiences and continuous practice in the martial arts, have made him an expert in reducing his opponent's power in push hand. He also has the ability to use finger pressure to heal with Chi Kung. In certain cases, Sifu Paul Ng is able to heal with remote Chi Kung.

After forty years of practice, Sifu Paul Ng's movements have become so refined as to be invisible to normal people in push hands. Wu Style Tai Chi has even helped him to become firm, gentle and light in his ballroom dancing !

Sifu Paul Ng's c ontact phone number is 604-836-8936

Full Name: 
Paul Ng
British Columbia